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Are You Legit?

Yes! Of course! We offer the SAME certification as those other “big schools with long programs”.
It is a State of Florida requirement to offer the Expanded Functions Dental Assisting Certification, which is what you will achieve with us!

Our application, curriculum and credentials have been reviewed and approved by the Florida Department of Health and Board of Dentistry on January 31, 2012 for the Dental Assisting Program Pursuant to Rule 64B5-16.0002(1)(b) and we are also licensed by the Commission of Independent Education and Department of Education located Tallahassee, Florida. Look up our number #4801.

What Will I Recive After Completing the 8-Week Program?

After you complete the 8-Week Expanded Functions Dental Assisting Program and 65 Clinical Externship Hours, you will be awarded you Expanded Functions Dental Assisting Certification by the Florida Board of Dentistry and Commision of  Independent Education.

Do You Accept Financial Aid?

As an accelerated post-secondary private school we are not eligible to offer financial aid. Our wish is to keep this school short and attainable for the working person wanting to career change. To accept financial aid would mean we would have to meet the government’s criteria for accepting their financial aid which would mean turning this course into a 5 day a week 9-5 program, which would become unreachable for so many. We offer a payment plan for tuition to help those who can not pay tuition in full.

What Are Your Statistics of Success?

Our Commission of Independent Education requires for us to report all of our students and their success here at the Academy.  We have a 98% Retention Rate (Students who complete the program), and a 97% Job Placement Rate (students who have found jobs as Dental Assistants). Since being Established in 2011, we have had over 700 Students Succeed with us at the Academy! 

How Much is the School Tuition?

Depending on the program you selected will depend on the Cost of Tuition. The 8-Week Expanded Functions Dental Assisting Program cost $4600, The 1-Day EFDA cost $430, The 1-Day Radiology cost $295, The 1-Day CPR & BLS cost $65, and the 6-Month Online Program starts at $690. We Offer payment plans for whichever class or program you choose!

What Do I Need to Apply?
  • For the 8-Week Program, you will need 1. online application 2. High School Diploma or GED 3. Form of ID

  • For the 1-Day courses you need a minimum of 3 month of Dental Assisting Experience in or out of the state of Florida with a practicing Licensed Dentist.

  • NO Entrance Exams Required! 

What Does the Cost of Tuition Cover?

The 8-Week EFDA Program Tuition of $4600 covers: Application and Enrollment fees, Online Classroom Access, Rental Textbook, School Uniform, Lab Materials, and all Certification Cost. 

How Can I Book a Visit?

Give a Call and we will be happy to schedule you an appointment to tour the Academy and answer any questions that you have!

What if I'm Under the Age of 18?

That is no problem! We have many students that want to join under the age of 18, all we ask is that a parent or guardian comes with you to the Academy for the enrollment process.

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